Current Race Season 2020-2021

Baypark Speedway 05/12/20

With opening night done and dusted, the team are back at Baypark Speedway again for our second race meeting of the season.  On a familiar track with a well prepared car, the idea for tonight was to let Ricky get as much valuable seat time before the team travelled to Startford to defend our Taranaki Championship title.

Heat one saw Ricky start 10th on a greasy track and steadily pass through the field to finish in 4th position.  The track then started to turn from greasy to tacky, which meant heat two would have both slippery surfaces and grippy surfaces depending on where you were on the track.  Ricky started heat two in 9th and sensibly made his way up to 4th, however on the last corner of the last lap he made a mistake and hit a small rut with his front wheels which pushed him wide, letting two cars slip through and he finished 6th.

This qualified the team to start the feature in 6th place, where Ricky quickly moved into 4th by the end of the first lap.  While sitting on the tail of third place looking for a pass, Ricky spent a fraction too long adjusting his shocks, and left just enough space for a car to slide up inside him on entrance to the corner and push him out wide.  While pushed out onto the tacky portion of the track, Ricky pulled a monster wheelstand and when he had wrangled the beast back onto the racing line again he had lost a total of 3 places.  Ricky would then carry on finishing in 7th position.

A great nights racing, and great to get some extra seat time before we head down to Stratford Speedway this coming weekend to defend our Taranaki Championship title!  A big thanks to the Baypark club and Bill Buckley for putting on this event.