Current Race Season 2020-2021

Baypark Speedway Opening Night

Opening night for Baypark Speedway in Tauranga is where not only the RMRacing team were kicking off their race season, but where the majority of the midget class teams were making their season debut.  With the night quickly getting underway, the marble draw saw Ricky start heat one from grid position 6.  A hard charging drive saw Ricky pass into third position fairly quickly and begin swapping places with the current NZ champ before finishing a solid 3rd place.   Heat two saw Ricky starting from grid position 11, and with the track starting to slick off much faster than the team anticipated, the cars gearing was too high and causing the engine to sit on the rev limiter towards the end of the straights.  This didn't Hold Ricky back too much though, and he was able to move forward to finish in 7th position.

Our heat race points qualified the team to start the feature in grid position 6, and after a few changes to the setup the team was ready to hit the track.  Although the team dramatically changed the gearing on the midget before the feature, it was dramatic enough and the car was losing its top end speed from hitting the rev limiter far too early.  Although this caught Ricky out on the first two laps where he lost some spots, he quickly found a driving style to combat this and started to make his way forward again.  Just like in both heat races, lap traffic played a big part in this race and at the end of the 20-lap feature Ricky had made his way back to finish in 6th position.  A great shakedown run for the team, no damage at all, and valuable information gained on the car setup for next time.  The team will miss the next few weekends racing due to prior commitments, however will be back at Baypark Speedway again on the 5th of December for our second race meeting of the season.  Armed with some lower gearsets, the team can't wait to get back out there!