Current Race Season 2020-2021

West Coast Midget Champs

Whanganui Speedway also known as Oceanview Speedway, is a track that the team has never raced at before.  With the West Coast Midget Champs being held here though it was a great excuse to go down and try this track out!  The track itself is built on the side of the hill, which means you drive downhill to a very tight turn 1 & 2, and then drive uphill to a slightly wider turn 3 & 4.  This meant that you needed to be careful when deciding on your car's setup, as the weight will be over the front wheels for half of the track and then over your rear wheels for the next half of the track.

With the midget setup accordingly, we went onto the track for heat one, where the track was already hard packed and the water truck was still putting down water!  With no wheel pack we went straight into racing, which meant it was a very slippery race.  We managed to move forward from 3rd place to win this heat.

For the second heat we started 6th and with yet more water going onto the track, it was still a bit slippery however this worked in our favour and we were able to move forward and win this heat as well.  With two first place finishes this meant we were the top points qualifier and would start off pole position for the feature.

The feature started off with a drag race to the first corner, where Ricky was able to hold a tight line on pole and come out of turn 2 in the lead.  A yellow shortly came out due to an incident, which wold be the first of a few yellow flags in this race.  Ricky was able to pull away each restart and hold the lead for the majority of the race.  The final yellow of the race came out with only 3 laps to go, and on this restart Ricky went into the first turn but had the front wheels sledge forward and sent him running out wide.  This allowed two cars to pass through the inside, and Ricky would come home in 3rd place

It's a shame to have had a mistake so close to the end of the race, however we are still very happy to turn up to a track we have never run at before and finish on the podium! A big congrats to Levin's Angus Mcleod on the win and Startford's Mark Willans on second place.  A great event put on by the Wanganui club and the event sponsor Ginza Bargains, and we still want that West Coast title so we will just need to come down again next season!  The next race for the team will be at Baypark Speedway in 2 week's time for a 50 Lapper event, and we can't wait!