Race Season 2015-2016

New Zealand Grand Prix

We just can't seem to catch a break!  Awesome start to the night, starting dead last in heat one we made our way up to third banking some good points.  Heat two we started first and lead the whole race and were even on the back straight about to take the checker flag when a yellow flag came out. We continued to lead for the next three restarts, however just before the finish line an oil line blew and took out the coolant hose as well, causing the engine to stop.  Unfortunately this caused some damage and has put us out for the night.  If that hadn't of happened we would have won the heat and started on the front row for the feature. Harsh luck however that's racing, and we will try again for next meeting.  Big congrats to Stratford local boy Duane Hickman on winning the New Zealand Grand Prix!  Also a big thanks to the Stratford track and officials!