Race Season 2016-2017

Bad News for the Team

After consultation with the doctors and the rest of the team, we regretfully announce that we will be out of action for the majority of this season.  While the midget will be ready for action soon, it will be parked up as the injuries from the accident will keep Ricky out of the seat for the majority of the season. He will heal up fine but it will be a few months at least before I can get his medical signed off to race again, and then another couple of months before the collarbone will be strong enough to take on the stress that racing puts onto the body.  Once again a big reminder to all other teams to check your saftey gear and only use Speedway proven brands.  This is not how we wanted to start our season, but on a better note we will be well prepared for when we do return to the track. We are down but not out, and will return stronger then ever!