Race Season 2016-2017

Driver Saftey Gear Issue

When we are racing, we rely on our saftey gear to minimise the damage to ourselves in the event of a crash. Arm restraints are a vital part of our safety equipment as it keeps our arms from flying out of the car in a larger accident such as a rollover. In our recent crash Ricky's arm restraints instantly broke and his arms came out of the top of the midget and got caught in the rollcage while he was rolling causing damage to his arms and hands. Very dissapointing to find that the arm restraints fitted to his suit were not correct and the stitching pulled apart at the first impact. To rely on a saftey item that was never going do its job is a big worry, so to all competitors please make sure you only have saftey equipment fitted by manufacturers that know the requirements of speedway.  We would hate to see another competitor injured like Ricky was because of a faulty saftey item.