Race Season 2016-2017

New Partner for the Upcoming Season!

After 5 years of development with the Honda engine, we now have the complete package, power and reliability. The final piece of the puzzle was to make sure only the best oil flowed through the engine. Not just any oil would do here, we need the best of the best to handle the stress that comes along with high performance engines. When we want the best there was really only one oil that came to mind, Lucas Oil. With a rich history of over 27 years in both motorsport and everyday motoring, Lucas oil have been an industry leader in oils, additives and fluids. With a wide variety of fluids from engine oils or fuel additives, to spray wax or chain lube, Lucas Oil can provide a product for most situations.
With this in mind, the Ricky McGough Racing team are pleased to announce our new partnership with Lucas Oil's for the upcoming race season. With such a quality product keeping our engine and diff well lubricated, we know we will have the edge on the racetrack this season. Lucas oil will be in our tow vehicle making sure we make it to each race meeting, in the pits making the midget shine, and in the race car getting us to the chequered flag. If you want the best for your expensive race engine, you should be using Lucas Oil too!

Website: http://lucasoilnz.com/