Race Season 2018-2019

North Island Championship

When finishing off the season it's important to go out on a large meeting, which is why our final meeting of the season is at Baypark Speedway for the North Island Midget Championship.   The weather however must have missed the memo as the team drove through the pouring rain to arrive at the track, and after the warmup it looked like the meeting would get called off.  While having a drivers meeting to discuss whether to try to run the meeting or not, another massive downpour of rain came down.  Everyone loaded the trailers back up to prepare to leave when the wind picked up and started drying off the track which gave us all some hope.

The cars were unloaded, the drivers go back in their overalls, and we lined up to do battle!  The heat races were very slippery which suited Ricky and he was able to take podium placings in both heats which qualified him to start the feature in 4th position.  With the rain holding off but the wind remaining, the track had transformed into a great feature track with a distinctive high line.  A feature full of running the wall and throwing slide jobs, and at the end of it Ricky took 2nd place!  What a great way to end the season by taking @nd place at the North Island Midget Championship!

With the 2018/19 season now come to an end, the team is starting to look at preparations for next season.  The team is very happy with our overall package, and we will be staying with the Bullet / Mopar combination for next season.  This means after this weekend we can start the off season revamp and have the midget ready nice and early for next season.  While we aren't running anymore meetings in Australia this season, we do still have tickets to the International 50 Lapper at Parramatta Speedway in Australia so the team will there watching and supporting the rest of the kiwis!

Next season you will see us back racing again in Australia, as well as our New Zealand programme.    We were very fortunate to be able to run such an extensive race season, and a massive thanks must go out to everyone involved, to name a few: Ian, Wendy, Mum & Dad, as well as our Australian car and team owner Dylan Byrne and the crew over there - without all their support we wouldn't be on the track!