Race Season 2019-2020

Season Wrap-Up

All loaded up but nowhere to go!  With the current COVID situation not looking likely to allow racing again for a while yet, today the team decided it must be time to unload and prepare the midget to sit idle for the off season...but it will still be ready to race again at a moments notice!  While we only raced twice this season, it turns out if we were going to have a short season then this was the season to do it!

The short season did go very well for the team where after an offseason rebuild we had a shakedown run at Baypark Speedway and finished up in 6th place!  With a bit of time off the team then raced at Stratford Speedway nearly 5 months later and became the new Taranaki Champ.  Although a much shorter season than planned, we are very happy with those results and look forward to getting back onto the track as soon as possible next season!