Race Season 2020-2021

Baypark 50-Lap Spectacular

On Saturday night the team returned to our home track 'Baypark Speedway' for the midget 50-lap spectacular. This was a traditional 50-lap format which meant each person completed 2 lap qualifying runs to set their start positions in the dash heats.  A marble draw let each competitor know where they were in line for their qualifying runs, and with the track still a bit greasy it was obvious that the further down the list you were the better your qualifying time would be.  Ricky started in group 2 which was not ideal, and he would then have to do the hard work and start to come through the field in the dash heats.

The B-Dash was the next race of the night for competitors who qualified in positions 10- 20, and the top 4 finishes would qualify to the A-Dash.  The finishers from 5 - 10 of the B-Dash did not race again until the feature.  Ricky got the job done and finished in third position which qualified him to start thirteenth in the A-Dash, where he was then able to move forward to finish in tenth postion.  With your finishing position being your start position for the feature, this meant Ricky would start from position ten.

Being the longest race in New Zealand for midgets, the 50 lap feature meant you had some time to play the long game and use a bit of strategy.  Ricky steadily moved forward and avoided all of the accidents happening around him, consistently working the pole line as he did not have the gearing to allow the car to run the faster high line tonight.  Consistency paid off as Ricky moved forward to finish in fifth position, a great way to end the night!

Next weekend the team will be returning to Stratford Speedway for the New Zealand Midget Grand Prix, which the team has been looking forward to all season!  Team morale is high due to being both the current Taranaki Champ and lap record holder, however there is plenty of talented competitors also wanting the Grand Prix win and it will be a very tough meeting…We cant wait!