Race Season 2020-2021

New Zealand Grand Prix

Over the weekend the travelled down to Stratford Speedway for the New Zealand Midget Grand Prix, however we must have left our luck sitting in the workshop back home!

We went into heat one starting from the rear of the field and started to move steadily forward until Ricky thought he had run out of tear-offs as his visor filled with mud and blocked most of his view.  Luckily he was following a bright red midget, and although all he could see out of his visor was a small bright red dot, he was able to follow this midget to the chequered flag and finish in 6th position.  Back in the pits the team found that the helmet still had plenty of tearoffs, but the large clumps of dirt had settled over the ends of the tearoffs which is why Ricky was unable to pull them off!

With a clean helmet we went into heat 2, where on startup the engine instantly was not running right.  A three minute bell was called and the team was able to fix the issue of a fuel component coming apart and were able to start the race!  This race was the first time the team were trying a radically different gear set, and man did this change make the car haul!  Ricky was able to dice for the front few places before finishing in 2nd position, which later changed to 1st position when the leader was relegated two spots.

This qualified Ricky to start out of position 3 for the feature, and it didn't take long for the top four cars to enter lap traffic.  During this lap traffic, Ricky was caught up in a small incident which bought the revs so low that the engine nearly stalled.  He managed to keep it going but lost a few positions but started to reclaim them quite quickly.  When a yellow flag came out later in the race, it was quite a shock to hear rover the radio that Ricky was relegated backwards three spots which we are still unsure why!  The race restarted and Ricky was making back those lost places when 'Déjà vu' struck and he was caught in another minor incident which nearly stalled the motor!  Losing more positions Ricky refused to give up and started to once again pass forward through the field.  A few laps later he went into turn one fully committed on the cushion, however the car in front slid up the track slightly blocking Ricky's outside pass.  Ricky was not far enough through the corner where he could change his line, and the result was that he skipped the cushion and hit the wall ending our night.

With the racing over you may think this was where our bad luck finished, however the weekend was not over yet!  The team didn't quite make it all the way home before the tow vehicle broke down and made the rest of the trip home on the tow truck.  This made it a very long day, and when the team finally got the car unloaded and checked over in the workshop…We hear the announcement that our area is moving into Covid-19 level 3 that night!  With the luck we had all weekend, finishing off the Sunday night this way just really didn't surprise us!

A big congrats to the BSL Racing team on taking out the Grand Prix title, with Hayden Williams in first and Hayden Guptill in second, and also to Max Guilford for third place.  The BSL team really showed their class by taking out the top two spots on the podium while still helping their other customers running in the same event.  A specific thank you to their crew chief Calvin Worthington who was somehow able to balance helping out so many people at once!

As long as the current Covid-19 level 3 situation blows over quickly we should be back out racing again this weekend….and yes we have already packed the good luck into the trailer just incase!