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Our Crew


Ricky McGough: Team Owner and Driver - Has been racing since he was 12 years old in a variety of motorsports such as dirt track, rally sprints, drag racing and speedway.  He has an impressive haul of race and championship trophies that fill an entire room at the race workshop.

Stuart McGough: Team Manager - Ricky's father looks after all aspects of the team both on race night and between meetings.  Stuarts has an extensive motorsport background in racing, rally and speedway, and has also been "Team Manager" running a Super Touring GT car in Australia.

Ian Richards: Crew Chief, Engineer and Strategist - Having been involved for many years in the speedway racing scene both as a competitor and crewman, Ian has improved the team massively both on the track and off the track.

Wendy McGough: Team Photographer - Wendy is the team's enthusiastic photographer who knows how to get those great shots of the team working on the midget in the pits as well as those awesome action shots on the track.

Karen McGough: Very important person who keep the car clean and polished at the workshop and between each race to make it ready to present to the spectators.  She also look's after the food and drink for the team to make sure everyone can perform their tasks proficiently.