Photo Gallery

2015-2016 Season.

The Rebuild Begins (1)The Rebuild Begins (1)The Rebuild Begins
ProgressProgressProgress on the 13a midget
More ProgressMore ProgressAnother picture showing the progress on the 13a midget
Sneak PeakSneak PeakA sneak peak of the new machine

KartingKartingThe teams kart they will be having some fun in
KartKartAnother angle of the kart
And The Beast Emerges!And The Beast Emerges!Ready for battle
Ready To Hunt Some Prey!Ready To Hunt Some Prey!Ready for battle

Emerging From The WoodsEmerging From The WoodsReady for battle
The EyesThe EyesTiger eyes
Straight Back Into ItStraight Back Into ItFinally racing again

Flying DirtFlying DirtDirt's Flying
Running PoleRunning PoleDown low
Race TimeRace TimeRace time

Infield Buddy'sInfield Buddy'sWhen life throws you lemons...stand on the infield and discuss it with others
Kart RacingKart RacingStart-up
Kart RaceKart RaceStart-up
Kart Warm-UpKart Warm-UpKart warm-up

Karting (1)Karting (1)Getting the hang of this
LeadingLeadingLeading the pack
Starting From The FrontStarting From The FrontStarting From The Front
The PitsThe PitsWestern Springs Speedway Pit Area

Getting That Wheel UpGetting That Wheel UpGetting the wheel up
Race CompletedRace CompletedComing back into the pits
Part 1Part 1The Start
Part 2Part 2Still not scrubbing off speed...

Part 3Part 3Nearly there...
Part 4Part 4Nope didnt scrub off enough speed!
Starting GridStarting GridStarting grid
Early In the NightEarly In the NightEarlier in the night

Trying Out New Eye'sTrying Out New Eye'sRicky's first race with his new eyes, it all looks very different when you can actually see
LogoLogoThe logo
Staying StraightStaying StraightKeeping nice and straight
Clear SpaceClear SpaceRunning in some clear space

Never Give UpNever Give UpWhen nothing is going right, just push harder!
Looking GoodLooking GoodLooking good
Not BadNot BadNot too bad

Holding The LeadHolding The LeadHolding the lead
Attacking Up HighAttacking Up HighAggresive on the top line
BattlesBattlesMid-race battles

Passing Down LowPassing Down LowPassing down low
Waiting For The GateWaiting For The GateWaiting for the gate to open
Looking For A GapLooking For A GapLooking for a gap

CruisingCruisingCruising around
More BattlesMore BattlesYet more battles
Holding OnHolding OnHolding on
Racing At Huntly SpeedwayRacing At Huntly SpeedwayAt Huntly Speedway

Huntly SpeedwayHuntly SpeedwayAt Huntly Speedway
First CornerFirst CornerFirst Corner
Side By SideSide By SideSide-by-side

In The LeadIn The LeadIn the lead
Number ChangeNumber ChangeChange of racing number
New Zealand Grand PrixNew Zealand Grand PrixRacing at the New Zealand Grand Prix
Racing At Stratford SpeedwayRacing At Stratford SpeedwayAt Stratford Speedway

Until Next Season!Until Next Season!Until next season