Results. Honours and Achievements


2014-2015 - This year the team raced the Franklin Properties LTD midget in New Zealand and the Pimpama Wholesale Landscape Supplies midget in Australia for the POWRi world series.  The team raced a full schedule and were one of the largest followed teams on both social media and at the tracks!

2013-2014 - The Franklin Properties LTD midget ran every event at Western Springs Speedway including the international series, and also competed overseas in the POWRi World Series in Australia.  The team went well in New Zealand, and although running the undeveloped spare engine in Australia, the team's results saw Ricky offered a drive in an Australian team for the following season for the POWRi World Series (and Ricky was the only New Zealander to be offered an Australian drive.

2012-2013 -- The Franklin Properties LTD midget ran every event at Western Springs Speedway including the international series, and also competed at every major title event in both the North and South islands.  The team managed 4th place at the CTRA New Zealand Championship, and also won the 'Best Presented Car and Crew' award from the Auckland Midget Club (Western Springs Speedway).  With the little bugs ironed out of the package, the team will be a very strong contender next season!

2011-2012 -- The Franklin Properties LTD midget ran its first year very competitively considering this year was a learning year with a brand new race car.  With the team very quickly securing first place finishes early in the season, this showed that the new package will be a force to be reckoned with next season.  Even though this season was a big learning season for the team, we still had a very successful season and finished 3rd overall for the season!

2010-2011 -- The DTSL Midget ran in a few different series this season including the National Midget Car Series and Western Springs series.  Although the team had an up and down season due to having older gear break down on us, we still attended every meeting competitively.  With the team running different chassis and engine combinations during the season, we really showed that even the older engines are still competitive!

2009-2010 -- The DTSL Midget ran successfully at Huntly speedway this season finishing 3rd outright running their F2 Midget against the much faster A grade cars driven by more experienced drivers.  This season Ricky McGough took over as the main driver and also raced at larger events like the New Zealand National Midget Champs and the New Zealand Grand Prix.

2008-2009 -- The STA Parts midget ran a successful season with Stuart McGough as the main driver and managed to finished 2nd overall in the F2 Midget class at Western Springs Speedway.  We were also the only team to finish on the podium in every feature they raced in.